What is Monetizationship ?

Monetization Strategies Collection

Monetizationship  focuses on collection of Monetization Strategies – to Monetize almost any existing resources or Assets you possess

Charles Internet has a vision for Monetizationship: To be the complete resource of every single Monetization model found on earth.

Monetizationship Dictionary defines Monetization as the ability

..to generate revenue

…to improve existing revenue

….to add new revenue channel to existing revenue portfolio

through your assets & resources such as:

your website traffic,

your website contents,

your expertise in certain topics,

your knowledge or experience in particular niche subject,

your networking portfolio,

your offline business,

your existing resources,

…..and more & more!

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Maximize the potential of your core strength and might as well monetize your strength to bring in additional side income or even full time income to your income portfolio.

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